Key topics:   ?The sixth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee ?China's Changemakers

China, Netherlands pledge to enhance cooperation

?Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Wednesday that China stands ready to work with the Netherlands to enhance political mutual trust, advance practical cooperation, strengthen bonds between the people, and push for new progress in their relations.

RCEP set to spur opening-up

High-quality implementation of the RCEP in China will provide more impetus for Chinese enterprises to expand international trade and economic cooperation, thus making more contributions to regional and global economic recovery.

Cross-Strait trade saw substantial growth over past decade

?A Chinese mainland spokesperson said on Wednesday that the upward momentum in cross-Strait economic, trade cooperation and integrated development is unstoppable.

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UK gives up fight against COVID-19 amid PM scandal

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson fights to save job over the Covid party scandal, the U.K. government is carelessly abandoning all pandemic restrictions. The results could be disastrous.


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Profits of Chinese SOEs surge 30.1%

?The combined profits of China's state-owned enterprises (SOEs) surged 30.1 percent year on year to nearly 4.52 trillion yuan (about 715 billion U.S. dollars) in 2021.

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